Estate sale items offered for Presale

Turkey Feather War Bonnet/Headdress: Price:  $325.00.
Beaded, with leather accents.  Measures 27” tall and 19” wide at the back.  Made for an adult.
Good used condition.

Large Navajo black, blue, ivory rug:  Price:  $2,500.00. 
Immaculate condition, finely woven large rug.  This is a beaty!  Measures approx. 5’ X 7’.
Little to no signs of wear or soiling

Beaded leather Cradleboard: Price:  $675.00.
Beautiful bead-work on leather.  Overall, in very nice condition.
The beaded round piece on the front is loose, otherwise very nice.
Measures 28” tall X 16” wide.

Rawhide and leather Ceremonial Drum: Price:  $650.00. 
Measures 14” across and 12” tall.  Includes the beater.
Really nice condition, with Native American graphics painted on the drum.


Beaded children’s Indian Moccasins:  Price: $250.00.
Approx. 7” long x  3” wide, older pair in good condition, with some light soiling to the leather.  Nice bright colors in blue, yellow, orange, white, turquoise, and black

Large Papago Tohono O’odom Figural basket:  Price:  $500.00.
Really lovely and extra-large basket, measuring 15” tall and 15” across the widest part.  Older, probably 1980’s or older.
Really nice condition.


Small size Papago Tohono O’odom Basket: Price:  $150.00. 
Measures 7” across X 4” tall.  Overall in good condition.  Older piece, Circa 1950’s.

Beaded leather dress: Price:  $650.00. 
Comes with necklace and 2 beaded braid ties.  Lovely soft and supple leather, with multi-colored bead-work.
Adult Size is 48” from shoulder to hem, from underarm to underarm, lying flat measures 25” across.
Very nice condition.

Navajo ivory & red woven rug: Price:  $250.00. 
Wool, circa 1960’s. Overall in good condition, with some overall soiling to the back side.
Measures approx. 3’ X 5’.

Lucy McKelvey pottery vase: Price:  $800.00.
Excellent condition, signed on the bottom.
Measures 7.5” tall X 6.5” wide.

Sanpete county, Spring City (Utah) handmade Windsor chair by Jock Jones, signed and dated 2006. Price:  $500.00
Excellent condition.

Bio of Jock Jones, from the Spring City (Utah) Arts website:  My name is Jonathan (Jock) Jones. I am a master chair builder having been formally trained in the art of Windsor chair construction and design by Curtis Buchanan and Michael Dunbar, nationally recognized as two of the best Windsor chair builders in the country.

I am the only Windsor chair maker in the Intermountain West. Windsor chair construction requires the use of both green and dry hardwoods that simply do not grow in the West. This is why Windsor chair making is an Eastern craft and why nearly all chair makers are located east of the Mississippi River. In order to build chairs here in the Intermountain West I personally hand pick my logs and lumber from dealers in the East and haul them to my shop in Spring City, Utah.

I make my chairs one at a time by hand. I use the same methods and tools as the colonial chair makers did 250 years ago. I do not build them by hand for old time sake or nostalgia. I build them by hand because these chairs were not designed to be made by machines….they were designed to be made by hand. When the machine age arrived the construction of beautiful well-built Windsor’s disappeared. Windsor Chairs simply cannot be mass-produced by machines and retain their delicate grace and strength. Factory made chairs are heavy and clunky. They lack the delicate grace and charm of the wonderful chairs made by old time master chair builders.

Because these chairs are handmade, each one is a little different. They have tool marks on them. They are not perfect pieces turned out by machine. They differ slightly in size, shape and color. They are handmade pieces of art. Each one is signed and dated. They will be family heirlooms for generations. Unlike factory made chairs the value of these chairs will appreciate in value with each passing year.


For purchase, please contact Kara Morris @ 801.400.2139 via phone call or text.  First Come First Serve. Credit card payments preferred method of payment.  We will ship smaller items, with a shipping and insurance fee.  No returns, so please ask questions and be sure of your purchase.  No shipping on the chair or feather head-dress.  Pick up in person only on these items in Spanish Fork or Payson, Utah.