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Kara and Donnie Morris
Pinstripe Estate Services
Spanish Fork, Utah 84660
Kara @801-400-2139
Donnie @801-400-2149

We could not have been more pleased! The house and two sheds were packed with antiques collected for decades, as well as real Native American artifacts and lots of tools, antique and otherwise. Because I lived out of state, I needed someone I could trust — as I left town and handed over the keys. It was a mammoth job. Kara and her team sorted everything, priced and arranged them in the 2 weeks prior to the estate sale. The sale was a fantastic success!! She has a strong clientele, did lots of advertising and kept me well informed. Less than 2 weeks following the sale she sent me a check for the proceeds — AND a computer-itemized list of what sold and for how much. Phenomenal follow-through. I only met with her twice and she took care of every detail. We felt we had been treated like gold. I would unequivocally recommend her to anyone who wants an estate sale done “right”. Experience. Honesty. Integrity. Talent. Kara has it all.

Gwen C
I am writing to leave a very happy, great review for the way our Estate Sale was handled by Kara with Pinstripe Estate Services, in Spanish Fork Utah. Kara took great time and care to sort through all the things that were left for her. She displayed them in a very pleasing way so people could easily see what was there without having to dig through everything. She was very careful to keep us informed and updated on how everything was going and even sent us pictures of it so we could see it in pictures before the sale. Kara actually found some personal items that she felt like we had just overlooked, so she was careful to separate them and leave them for us after the sale. She took out the garbage cans and left the house completely clean. We were actually expecting to have to clean out things like old paint cans and oil pans, but she completely took care of everything. We had even taken the door off the hinges for the laundry room to allow it to make it easier to get the washer and dryer out, and she took the time to put that back on the hinges. We honestly feel like using Kara was the best decision we could have made when it came to cleaning out the house and getting it ready to sell. Kara has my highest praise and recommendation that I can possibly give.

L Kunz
Pinstripe did a great job preparing for the estate sale and pricing the items for sale. The sale was handled efficiently and professionally. We received more than we thought we would at the end of the process. I don't hesitate to recommend Pinstripe.

We hired Pinstripe Estate Services to prepare and manage an estate sale for us. The sale was conducted in March 2018 and we were exceptionally pleased with all the work Pinstripe did. They did everything they committed to do on time and for the price we agreed to at the start. Pinstripe prepared the house for the sale and conducted the sale in a 3 week period. We think it would have taken us months to do this work on our own and we would not have obtained as much money for the estate as Pinstripe did. The house contained the treasures of a life time. Pinstripe organized and displayed the contents of the house so it was easy for buyers to see what was available. They conducted an advance sale for family members prior to the public sale. Family members commented on how nice the house looked and how well the sale items were displayed. They advertise the sale on social media with many photographs and there were many more customers each day of the sale than we had expected. Not only did they sell treasured items, they sold hundreds of standard household items and clothing that we did not expect we could sell. They made sure every buyer was given a receipt for what they purchased, and they gave us a 21 page summary of what items were sold and how much they were sold for. We asked them to set aside family photographs and family history items for us. We had spent 3 weeks finding photographs and family history items before we turned the house over to Pinstripe. They filled 2 large boxes with photographs and family history items that they gave to us. Pinstripe removed everything from the house after the public sale, there was no cleanup work left for us to do. We very much appreciate Pinstripe’s work and we recommend them to anyone who is considering having an estate sale.

John & Val
We started to do it ourselves. After weeks of late nights the grind got to us. We hired Donnie and Kara to help us and everything was above and beyond what I could have expected. Great job! We got more money with less exertion on our part. Pinstripe Estate Services is the best.

Thank you for all that you have done to complete the estate sale for Dorothy Terry with such ease. The communication with you and your company was fantastic, always very prompt. The actual sale as well as final accounting was handled extremely well. Everything was completed in a professional, timely way. I would highly recommend you and your company. It could not have been easier. Thank You!

Leslie B
I have always received superb service from the Pinstripe Estate Services. Exceptional judgement, merit and great value and they have always exceeded my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner.

Frank R
Pinstripe Estate Services took what was an overwhelming task and made it look easy. We met with Kara twice, she was kind, professional, helpful. Everything for the sale was organized and displayed well. She communicated through the process, called with updates. When personal items were found that we missed she boxed them up for us to take after the sale. The house was completely cleaned out in the end. We received a detailed print out of all sales along with our check. We highly recommend Kara and her team, we were very happy with her services and couldn’t thank her enough.

Cynamon F.
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